Arminus @ The Foundry & Losing His Tank Virginity

Today, at level 44, I decided to take Arminus on his first real tanking experience. I thought Red Reaper as that was appropriately his level, but I didn’t want to piss off other players if I ended up being a completely horrible, back-to-back wiping tank. Sometimes it can be quite an annoyance when that happens in flashpoints. It can triple the time it takes to get through it. I’m a casual SWTOR player, webmaster to a few sites, freelance websites, other hobbies, full-time job, and a kid. When I’m in a flashpoint, I want to get it done as quickly as possible. I’m trying to fly through as much as of the game as possible, in as little time as I possibly can. Arminus’ first experience as a tank was what I can confidently call a successfully one.

The Foundry Guardian was rather simple. It seemed he had repetitive attacks and was not very mobile at all. I kept agro on him throughout the duration of the fight. I had also gotten a pretty sweet shield off the drop as well.

HK-47 was a fun fight. I enjoyed his mechanics and his abilities. Arminus seemed to hold him well. There was that one point in the battle though he was going into his chamber and it slammed shut on him, killing Arminus. We are so damn thankful for respawn because that fight was fun. Once Arminus got back into the fight, he held focus of HK-47 most of the time. No issues at all other than my unfortunate death.

Burrower Matriarch was easy peasy, quick as eating apple pie. Ugly little warm was taken down no problems. The knockbacks were annoying, but Arminus force charged his way back into them guts.

N4-10 Exterminator was easy as well. Held agro the entire duration of the fight. Swish Swoosh Woomb Woomb It’s Dead.

Then there’s Revan. He was the longest, but not the toughest. Despite his damage dealing AoE attacks, I felt like HK-47 was more of a challenge. It was still a fun fight. Long fights are my favorite, especially in stories and events like this. I didn’t hold agro as much as I wanted to as a tank. That fight is what made me realize I need to work on Arminus’ rotation. Despite Revan’s attempts, Arminus and friends took down Revan no problem. There was a realization though that tweaking is needed for optimal performance and damage.

Our healer was great, and a little funny being a KOTOR fan. He kept us healed well thoughout the entire flashpoint. There was this a point after the Foundry Guardian where he disconnected, and that was scary. Alas, he came back though which sent a strong sense relief through us all.

The Foundry is a fun flashpoint. The storyline is exciting. The then turned Jedi, Revan, and his HK-47 Assassin Droid are a deadly pair. All the feels taking them down as an Imperial player. I can’t wait to get out and try some other flashpoints, learn new mechanics of other bosses to learn new ways to improve my skill as a tank. I’ll eventually get to raids, but for now I’ll stick to flashpoints, may a little higher level than intended. Then I’ll try harder ones. I just don’t want to end up diving somewhere I don’t belong and end up drowning.

What’d you think of my tanking at the Foundry? What do you think of this flashpoint? Leave your thoughts below.

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